Sako S20 Hunter Bolt Action Centerfire Rifle

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The Sako S20 is designed for passionate shooters who want to take and stay in control in every situation. The modular structure adapts to changing lifestyles, making S20 a truly future-proof bolt action rifle. The S20 have many premium unique and premium features that set the S20 apart from the competition. One of the most unique features of the S20 is the Cartridge + magazine that is made with the reloader in mind.  The durable and reliable double-stacked Cartridge+ magazine of the Sako S20, with its longer maximum cartridge length, was built to support reloaders, safeguard the bullet and to ensure optimal feeding. The magazine is designed in a way that supports the cartridges by the shoulder, leaving some space in front of the cartridge tip in the case. This prevents bullet damage from recoil which can have a serious effect on the ballistics. Another unique feature of the S20 is the full aluminum chassis. The S20’s rifle chassis is manufactured from aircraft-grade aluminium, and it provides maximum stiffness, robustness and thus accuracy. The weight has been optimised without compromising the rifle’s rigidity. Moreover, the aluminium chassis is not affected by tough weather conditions, keeping accuracy consistent even in varying situations.  Other premium features include things like a match-grade cold hammer forged barrel. There are many advantages to cold hammer forged (CHF) barrels: they’re durable, accurate and have excellent tolerances. The cold hammer forging technique changes the structure of the steel, increasing its toughness and making the barrel life of your rifle longer. CHF barrels do not have to be broken in, but instead have superb out-of-the-box accurac

2 reviews for Sako S20 Hunter Bolt Action Centerfire Rifle

  1. Marlon Davidson

    You won my trust, thanks for my package.

  2. McElroy


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